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Cut your Paper Diary

Say goodbye to paper diaries, your business schedule is available online to customers and your appointments are booked with instant confirmation to your mobile and email. It’s an electronic diary to ease your business management.


Business open 24/7/365 days for bookings, but your hours under your control

You list your business hours, and clients can book any time through our website,and also through your own website and your Facebook page (around the clock exposure for your business).


Save advertising cost

We advertise on all social media sites, giving you more coverage and business opportunities. So you do not need to create a website, as your profile on our site will include everything a website needs.


Displays on a single click

Our system is designed to display different services, timings, prices and availability on an individual basis for each member of your staff.List as many services as you like we don’t have limitations.


Dry your empty slots

Your empty slots are exposed to all clients in our nationwide search engine. Better chances to fill empty slots even at the last minute. Our system dynamically displays your unbooked slots without your involvement.


Keep calm and keep your clients retained

Manage your client’s data and view client’s history for a better business experience for future services. Send offers/reminders to repeat the business.


No overlapping or overbooking

Our system adjusts your services within your working hours. Our system gives maximum working slots for each treatment with different timings.


Your virtual receptionist

All you now have to do is to check your next appointment on your mobile or in your email.This system sends you all the details of your next client appointment. You don’t have to rely on your receptionist to book appointments anymore.


Avoid No shows with automatic reminders

Your clients will receive automatic reminders via SMS and Email.


Saves your time – reduces time on diary management

Appointments booked automatically within your beautician working hours and dynamically checked available slots so it reduces time on phone calls and diary management.


Less than a pound booking

We encourage easy convenient & transparent business model, now you can get an appointment booked for less than 1 pound.



Gain feedback and reviews from your a genuine way of attracting more clients.Learn exactly what your customers think of your services so that you can continue to improve and reach more clients.


You can list all your treatments with the description for each treatment and also separate timing and price for each treatment.

Yes, You can list separate timing for every treatment and for every member of staff.Singhar1.jpg

Yes, Salon owner can have own hours and each staff member decide their own hours

Yes, you can change your schedule any time.

Yes, login to your dashboard for any changes

Yes they can, and also you can set up paypal account for prepayment.

Yes, You can add your staff schedule with their individual timings and charges.

Yes, once appointment is booked, our team shall send the contact details. is flexible to add more categories for beauticians.

Get an appointment booked for less than 1 pound.

No equipment,installation,downloads,licenses as this platform is cloud based

Yes and manage your business from anywhere, as its cloud based, you can access your account from anywhere. You don’t need to be at your salon. You can be at home… or even on a beach

24/7 live chat or One hour email response policy for any help or Whats app support available

Yes, Automatic confirmation of booking and Automatic reminders

Yes, Simply use your link or follow steps to integrate to your facebook or your own website.

Beautician can add their paypal account in the profile page to receive 100% payments directly from customers.

Yes. We can also send offers to customers if any

1) Your schedule and services along with charges are available throughout on our portal for booking giving you 24x7x365 days exposure.

2) Customers have an option to look for the nearest salon’s giving you better chances to tap customers.

3) As our site is dynamic your un booked slots are displayed giving better chances to fill those slots even at last minute.

4) It’s your mini website, your full profile is displayed online with unique domain (example- or

5) Its your electronic diary and receptionist, your business schedule is live to your customers, so without calling you.. your appointment is booked and confirmed online. Keep taking more appointment instead of spending time checking diaries,booking appointments.

No, as listing services,timings and prices is a one time affair, all you have to do is cater to the appointments booked.

As we don’t charge anything and also don’t take any cuts/percentages/commissions we don’t have anything as trial period offer, on the contrary you can withdraw from our services whenever you like.

You have the option to include your own cancellation policies and charges.

No, once a customer books a slot our website automatically freezes that slot avoiding any overlapping or overbooking.

Yes, you can and also have customers added into our loyalty rewards program.

If your question is not listed above please write us at with your query and our team will revert back as soon as possible.



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I’m a Beautician ?

--List your services
--List your real time schedule
--List your employees real time schedule
--Display on our website
--Get appointments booked
--Receive SMS & Email confirmation on booking

I’m a Customer ?

--Select the service/treatment
--Enter Postcode to locate nearest Salon
--View real time schedule of beauticians
--Book online at your convenient time
--Instant booking confirmation via SMS & Email
--Pay online or Cash after service

Find a Salon

--Salons near your place
--Beauticians real time availability
--Salon opening hours
--Book an appointment online
--Receive an instant booking confirmation
--View appointments in your Mobile and Email
--Pay directly to Salon or Beautician